This is a privacy oriented DNS server located in Helsinki, FI.

This service is provided to the public free of charge, in order to promote a free and open internet.
  • This service will never hijack your queries, or filter the results.
  • All logging of PII, IP information, or information related to DNS queries has been disabled on this server.
  • This is a recursive DNS resolver, that will only contact upstream DNS servers as necessary (to resolve each specific query).
    • This service will not forward your DNS queries to upstream Google (,, Cloudflare (, or other DNS resolvers that present potential privacy issues.
    • Results are cached and refreshed preemptively, but the first request for a domain may take longer than usual.

Using the DNS Services

There are two ways in which you may make use of this server:

Standard DNS

In order to use this server's standard DNS service, configure your system to use the following IPs:


There are several methods to configure your system and applications to use DNS-over-HTTPS, and you may want to make use of more than one method.
Whatever you use as a DNS-over-HTTPS client, in order to use this server the client will need to be configured to use this URL as the upstream resolver:

You will probably also want to set the bootstrap servers, in order to resolve the hostname of this server.:

The OpenNIC Project is "an open and democratic alternative DNS root" that is free to use and participate in.
This is a tier 2 OpenNIC server, and is capable of resolving all TLDs hosted on the OpenNIC network.

Please visit the OpenNIC website for more details: https://www.opennic.org/